Water Droplet Mountain at Rancho Cannatella


My amiga, Blakely Stein, gave me a prompt for a mural to liven up their beautiful rental space in Pavones, Costa Rica. She hoped to evoke Peace, Protection, and Prosperity. She added a little endnote on the predominance of water. The space was already gorgeous: a circular, open air, thatched roof dining area in the center of their rental living spaces, overlooking the pool and gardens. The building is painted in subtle colors and has very pleasing architecture. In this piece I hoped to speak to the themes she laid out, while I simultaneously tried not to overwhelm an already beautiful space and introduce a little lightheartedness and openness. Water frames the center opening, plants run up the next two divisions, and the uppermost sectors are filled with animal coverings: feathers on one side and scales on another. The lower portion — I call it the mountain, Blakely’s husband, Joe, calls it the circus tent, their babysitter, Aurelia, calls it the octopus — is fed by and also distills into one swirling water droplet floating above (not visible in this photo). Water is life and life is water and water is fun! To life! To water! To love and friendship!


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